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  1. I've got a small holding of this. Just a FYI if anyone reads this, the platform is going live in Feb 18. If you want to get on board with this (IMO) undervalued currency, now is the time. Hovering around 10p a coin, it's already doubled in value in the past month! Doesn't take many of these to start making good gains.
  2. Where will XRP end up? £10 £100 £1000 £++++

    Id be surprised if we don't see $100 this year. As to higher, who knows. Can but dream, lol. A lot of it will depend on what Ripple announce in terms if partnerships and the like.
  3. Rumours are its MoneyGram, Western Union. Not sure on the third one though.
  4. What is your crypto portfolio made up of?

    Hey man. Ive got xrp as well, very hopeful on that one. Also mixed up with some Monero, XLM (Stellar) and a foot in the door of ETH. Currenly looking at a number of smaller altcoins.