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What is your crypto portfolio made up of?

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I'm a mixture of XRP, XVG, XLM and FUN for the main share, with a dip in a number of smaller ones. I believe in diversifying rather than all in.

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Hey man. Ive got xrp as well, very hopeful on that one. Also mixed up with some Monero, XLM (Stellar) and a foot in the door of ETH. Currenly looking at a number of smaller altcoins.

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He guys and girls, i have something to share for everyone that's disappointed that they missed the start of Bitcoin and other crypto's that gained a lot of value.

A bunch of Stanford students started a year ago with the Pi Network project. The app went live on 3-14 and we hit 100k engaged users yesterday!

It's available on Google Play as Pi Network Lite and in the App Store as Pi Network. www minepi com My referral code is Koekeloeris.

Their Mission: Build a cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform secured and operated by everyday people.

Their Vision: Build the worlds most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace, fueled by Pi, the worlds most widely used cryptocurrency

Their goal is to divide their coins as widely as possible to give everyone a fair change of getting in.
You gather them by joining and it goes faster when you contribute to securimg and expanding the community.

The peer-to-peer marketplace should be running at the end of the year. That's when they will also hit the exchanges and you can trade the coins you gathered if you like.
Hope to see you in the in app chat someday :-) Thanks for reading, Johan.

Btw it's not Picoin, that's a different coin!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk

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