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How to buy Ripple XRP in the UK

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There are a couple of established, trusted methods for purchasing Ripple XRP in the UK. The first option is to trade (or buy from Coinbase.com if you don't have any) Bitcoin (BTC) for Ripple on an exchange such as Binance.com  – this option is especially useful if you wish to buy other crypto currencies as you can trade them for your Bitcoin. The second option is to use Gatehub.net, which allows you to buy XRP directly with Euros using a SEPA (fancy word for a bank) transfer. There are pros and cons to each method, it's up to you to choose which is the best. In this guide we'll be showing you how to buy XRP using Coinbase.com and Binance.com

If you're starting from the very beginning in the crypto world, then you'll need to firstly purchase some ETH or BTC to enable you to exchange it for Ripple XRP. This is because it's currently not possible to simply purchase XRP directly with your credit / debit card. You can only exchange it from an existing crypto currency, hence having to purchase one of them. Firstly, do not buy BTC (Bitcoin!). I know, I know, this doesn't make sense as you need BTC to exchange it into XRP. Well, the reason for this is due to the time and costs involved with sending BTC from the place you are going to purchase it from (Coinbase.com) to the place you're going to exchange it for your Ripple XRP (Binance.com). The time can takes hours to days and the cost will be in the £10's, so that said, you'll be wanting to purchase ETH, send that to Binance.com and then exchange it for XRP. Got that? Good! We'll explain in more detail below if you haven't!


So if you're starting from scratch, with no crypto currencies, then you'll need to buy one. Easiest and quickest way is to do this via Coinbase.com, it's the most popular site to do this with and for good reason, it's ridiculously easy to use. They are also an American business, so you don't need to worry about them robbing you blind. So go ahead, register on the site. You'll need to upload some verification ID as well (I used my UK drivers license) as it's required for anti money-laundering and other USA regulations. It's perfectly safe and a necessary hurdle you'll need to jump through.

Once you've done this, and added a payment method (debit / credit card is recommended for speed) then you'll be wanting to make that purchase! Remember to select Ethereum!!



The next step is to send your newly purchase Ethereum to the Binance.com exchange where you will, as the name suggests, exchange your Ethereum (ETH) into Ripple (XRP). 

Within Coinbase, click "Accounts" at the top, then you'll see ETH Wallet listed down on the left. Underneath that you'll see a Send button, click it. You'll then be presented with a screen that looks like this:


In the image above you'll notice there is a long string of numbers and characters, this is what's known as the recipient address. As you'll be sending your freshly purchased ETH to your Binance.com account, you'll now need to login there to get your recipient address.


So assuming you've created your account on Binance.com, login and click the "Funds -> Deposits / Withdrawls button" as shown below:



Once you've done that then you'll need to enter the letters "eth" in the search box at the top left and you'll notice it brings up a list of crypto currencies which feature the letters eth in the name. You'll be wanting to look for the one called "Ethereum". Once you've spotted that (on the top row on the screenshot below) scroll to the right hand side and click the "deposit" button.



You'll then be presented with your "recipient address" we spoke about in step 2!



Copy and paste this into your Coinbase box in step 2, click "Send Fund" and that's it. Your funds will be sent across to your Binance.com account, this can take a short while depending on how busy the network is at the time.



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