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FunFairTech [FUN] Price Projections

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The price today (7th Jan 18) of a FUN token is 14p. Thought you may like to know some thoughts on price projections this year taking into account the FunFairTech platform goes live in four weeks.


Considering we are pushing .20 cents and FUN is still relatively unknown, I'd say .25-.50c after the launch and release isn't unbelievable. FUN has one benefit other alts don't, a product and runs on the coin. Casinos will need large supplies of FUN which could cause large jumps in price when casinos start purchasing FUN. End of year 2018 I could see $1-$2 being possible. The crypto market is really gaining mainstream exposure and the world seemed primed and ready for an idea like FUN to take off. These are just my thoughts and aren't based in any hard science. I'd love to see $5+ but that may be too optimistic.


It's not just casinos buying in though, you're missing an entirely other angle, there are litterally millions of potential new investors to buy FUNFAIR, not just casinos. With how fast Cryptocurrency news is spreading around, we could see $5 EOY, who knows. It's all unpredictable.


1$ by May... 5$ by the end of 2018


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