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This could be good :)

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The competition for giving free coins is exploading as many strive to get their tokens and coins om the market. some will be worthless. and some are Pure Scam, but I found This two promising.


First: Mana (Daily incom)

 They distribute free coins on a weekly basis, and have a working referreal promotion system and the coins is already tradable on some cryptomarkets, so Dont miss to take a look at this one. My personal guess is that the value of this coins will increase rappidly over time.

Link below if you like to check it out.



Second: Swift (Daily free coins) they claim its going to convert to cryptocoin 1:1, and if so, its really cool, you can buy and sell stuff on the site for your free coins already! So Dont miss that either!

Link below if you like to check it out.






Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk

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