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airdrop associated with the Trust wallet

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# PolkaStar Airdrop

Reward: 1XUSDT-1000XUSDT

We open the Trust Wallet

Enter the DApps tab

Paste my link there


We accept

We join their group on a telegram

We follow their group on Twitter, and we retweet their post with our PolkaStar address pasted

For every 3 referrals from your link, you gain one wheel spin 7379e05a20c3aa43417846d0b7d050c0.jpg5bfb224fdcfd5edbbc2d702ae566a8c5.jpge7c6a6672eae4d41ebbc1dec732e4ee3.jpg


Wysłane z mojego Mi Note 10 Lite przy użyciu Tapatalka



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