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What kind of wallet should you use?

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There are different types of wallets.

  • Hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S
  • Exchange wallets that you can find on places like Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, or Bittrex.
  • Smartphone apps/wallets for Android or Apple.
  • A PC based wallet where you operate the wallet from your computer.
  • Paper wallets - A temporary offline wallet printed on paper.
  • A web based online wallet where you log on from any web browser.

Every exchange has an online wallet for each type of coin. If you are going to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency you can use the exchange's online wallet until you decide to withdraw. Don't leave your coins too long on an exchange. They may get hacked, they may shut down etc. You can download a wallet for each coin on to your computer. I would suggest a clean cheap laptop that you only boot up to send and receive your coins. Also, always make sure you have enabled 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) on any online account. If not then a hardware wallet.

The Ledger Nano S & Blue wallet can hold the following coins:



Ethereum Classic








Some other Ethereum tokens can be managed using Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue with MyEtherWallet only: All the ERC20 tokens, 1ST, ANT, ARC, BAT, BeerCoin, BCDN, BNT, CFI, CRB, CryptoCarbon, DAO, DAO_extraBalance, DGD, DGX 1.0, EDG, EMV, GNO, GNT, GUP, GT, HKG, HMQ, ICN, JET, LUN, MCAP, MCO, MGO, MDA, MIT, MKR, MLN, MNE, MYST, NxC, PAY, PTOY, PLU, QAU, QRL, REP, RLC, RLT, DICE, ROUND, SGT, SNGLS, SRC, SWT, TaaS, TIME, TKN, TRST, Unicorn, VSL, VERI, WINGS & XAUR.

The Trezor Wallet can hold the following coins:


Ethereum (+ all ERC-20 tokens)

Ethereum Classic





Dash and Bitcoin Testnet.

There are other hardware wallets out there as well but I can only talk from experience and in my opinion the safest wallet to have is a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S or Trezor wallet where you can keep your coins off the internet and away from harm.

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